Type 1 diabetes bodybuilding: Stop muscle loss with diabetics

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Im going to talk to you today about type 1 diabetes bodybuilding weight loss. I am not saying why diabetics can not lose weight, im saying why diabetics lose weight.

Why Type 1 diabetes bodybuilding lose weight?

Why do you lose weight with or without medication? Sometimes you lose weight while you are on certain medication but I am talking about why are you losing weight from diabetes.

Alright, people with diabetes type 1 and type 2 will lose weight because of insulin deficiency. Yes, both types are insulin deficient, sometimes. Because I can tell you how not having insulin in your body will cause weight loss. I ll also tell you why type 2 diabetics can be extremely insulin deficient.

Insulin deficiency happens when your pancreas totally fails which means there is almost no to little insulin coming out of your body. It comes from beta cells, as beta cells and pancreas makes insulin. In type 1 diabetes that will fail while in type 2 diabetes that will fail to a great extent.

Insulin is the ultimate metabolic, anabolic hormone. Insulin makes things grow, which means insulin makes you gain weight. Knowing that if you do not have insulin in your body, you know you will lose weight. If there is no insulin in your body, your blood sugar goes up.

When your blood sugar goes up, what happens?

Woman checking blood sugar level, close up

Your kidney will start absorbing your blood sugar everytime blood sugar is above 180, normally. In diabetics it is a little bit higher at about 220. Over 220 it is way too much for your kidney which results in all your blood sugar going all the way down to your bladder.

Your kidney is not made to absord what is passing through and you are going to end up peeing. So people will end up with a lot of weight loss and excessive urination, because when you pee the sugar, the sugar will attract water. In order to be able to urinate sugar your kidneys will let more water go down. This will also make you thirsty.

You are basically wasting, and because your body is wasting sugar it is using fat and protein and its going to be ineffiecient. It is like an unintended keto diet. Your blood sugars will be running high compared to a keto diet. Your blood sugars will be running high, damaging your organs and your pancreas.

Why do type 2 diabetics become insulin deficient?

Here is why. Normally with type 2 diabetes your body will try to make insulin for a long time. Your blood sugar will stay normal, but your insulin level in type will keep going up to keep your blood sugar in a straight line. At one point your insulin level will start to drop.

The insulin goes up because of the dement. If you start spending more and more money, buying more and more things and taking more and more loans then you are going to have a lot of debt. The analogy her is the insulin is like the debt going up, you have to pay for this. Once your insulin levels go down, like your income in this case. You suddenly will tell yourself, what did I do?

It is very hard to get out of a million dollar debt and you are pretty much in bad shape. At that point when your insulin level is going down, your blood sugar is going up. At this point you need to really intervene.

This is the breaking point, when your insulin level is going down and blood sugar level is going up. If you do not do anything aggressive here with lifestyle changes or medication, you will be in trouble very quickly. What is going to end up happening here, just like the debt end up accumulating very quickly and then the interesting and you suddenly feel like you are drying. Same thing counts for your body.

Eventually, your blood sugar will be so high that at one point it will kill your pancreas. For instance if you have 20 % of your beta cells left. If you let your blood sugar stay high, you will have no beta cells left. This can happen really quickly if you are not measuring your blood sugar.

Unless you bring down your blood sugar quickly, these beta cells are not going to do anything. Even if you start eating well the beta cells at one point will stay paralyzed, which again causes the insulin deficiency which leads to these type 2 diabetics losing weight, start being excessively thirsty they go to the doctor and get diagnosed with diabetes.

If they start eating healthy or start medication they may recover quickly, which results in the beta cells recovering.

The misconception is that you can fully recover. What is actually happening is the 20 % beta cells that were drowning are now recovered, not the full 100 %. You have to remember as we get older, everything in our body gets older. So if you have diabetes, 20 % of your beta cells left, you have to really take care for another episode coming in. Your blood sugar might start creeping up and a failure might happen again.

It is just like an economical crisis. Just because you avoided the crisis, doesn’t mean it can happen again. You still have to watch your economy, to make sure you avoid it again and avoid bankruptcy.

Other than that some medications will cause weight loss as well. If the doctor didn’t tell you, you might not know it causes weight loss. Metformin for instance can cause 2-3 % weight loss.

Another one is GLP-1 where most people will lose at least 5-10 pounds. The SGLT class also cause significant weight loss nut not as much as GLP-1.

My personal experience as a type 1 diabetes bodybuilding expert

muscular male Bodybuilder

Your personal experience with Type 1 diabetes bodybuilding is going to dictate your management strategy in finding foods that match your insulin. Release patterns is going to be the most important thing in terms of achieving steady and reach target glucose levels. I want you to consider something if you are experiencing high glucose levels in the afternoon:

I want you to look back and consider, is the breakfast that you’re eating having an impact on your glucose levels? in the afternoon? Here’s what I mean by that. There are many foods that partially are considered breakfast foods. These have low glycemic index, but have a high glycemic load.

Let me break that down, because it’s very important to understand any time you hear the term glycemic index is in reference to the amount of time that a food will take to become glucose in your body. That’s different than the glycemic load which is the total amount of carbohydrate contained within a food.

The two can be very very different and I’m gonna give you a few example of a food that everybody’s familiar with. For instance  quaker oats, instant oatmeal. If you look at the nutritional value it will say that the packet of oatmeal has only 3 g of sugar but it will also say it has a total of 40 g of carbohydrate.

What that is actually telling you in a very sneaky way is that this is a low glycemic index food with a high glycemic load and unfortunately many people make this common mistake. They basically say they do not know what is going on. I ate salad with chicken for lunch everything was great and then my glucose level was 250 at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

For my diet, i personally recommend protein powder supplements for building muscles as an amplifier for diabetics who wants to build muscle or prevent weight loss.

Well what did you have for breakfast?

 A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. OK, well guess what guys the glucose that is derived from a bowl of oatmeal does not hit your system until anywhere from 4 to 12 hours after you have eaten it.

So if you are experiencing hyperglycemia in the afternoon what I want you to examine is the food that you are eating for breakfast! It is actually having an impact on your glucose levels in the afternoon. Oatmeal is one of the most calorically dense foods there is!

So if you work on the railroad if you perform 12 hours of manual labor a day and you don’t wanna lose weight you should eat a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. If you don’t do 12 hours of manual labor a day and you do want to lose weight, oatmeal is probably not the best choice for you. Oatmeal is going to supply your body with glucose derive energy all day and that’s going to prevent you from achieving any kind of healthy fat metabolism. This information is deducted from energy research studies.

What to eat in the evening

Now the last day time is the evening. Personal experience is going to dictate your strategy and they should draw you towards finding foods that match insulin or having eating patterns.

The key to avoiding nighttime hypoglycaemia, which really is actually the big issue for type one diabetics or take it vantage of lower blood sugar levels in the evening What people with diabetes actually benefit from, is understanding the relationship between the deposition of glycogen and an increase in sensitivity to insulin.

What does this mean?

At this particular time of day when you exercise at night time you empty out the glycogen stores in your muscles. What this does is that it makes you more sensitive to any insulin that your body is naturally producing or that you are administering through injection.

You can use that to your advantage if you want or you can take that information and better manage your diabetes. Do this so that you don’t experience nighttime hypoglycaemia which is a terrible problem that affects so many people living with diabetes.

Basically, here’s what happens:

They go to basketball practice which ends at 5:30 or 6 o’clock or they go to a spinning class to say were talking about an adult. Or a hot yoga class at 8 o’clock at night and they deplete the glycogen out of their muscles. Then go home and they take their diabetes medication not realizing that the exercise has fundamentally changed their sensitivity to insulin and you actually require less insulin or less medication if you depleted the glycogen out of your muscles!

As an example if you eat a meal that before exercise would have taken, let’s say 10 units of medication. Let’s say if you take that same 10 units of insulin after exercise for that same meal, you’re setting yourself up for a hypoglycemic event.

Ketogenic, keto diet. Salted salmon, grilled halloumi cheese, cherry tomatoes
Energy granola bars


Individuals with diabetes can fabricate muscle. Try not to allow anybody to tell you in any case. Your capability to construct muscle is straightforwardly corresponded to your degree of inspiration to keep blood glucose levels in charge.

Insulin is a significant anabolic chemical and is known to help muscle development (1). Insulin treatment in patients with uncontrolled diabetes increments bulk, while insulin lack prompts muscle misfortune.

Protein, like meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, eggs, nuts and full-cream dairy food sources. Energy, for example, margarine, avocado, nut spreads, oil and salad dressing. Spread bread or saltines thickly with avocado, cream cheddar, peanut butter or plunge. Add additional oil, margarine, ground cheddar or a messy sauce to vegetables.

Strength Training Helps Protect Against Diabetes Complications. By further developing insulin wellbeing and bringing down high glucose levels, strength preparing helps guard against a portion of the intricacies of type 2 diabetes. Yet, it additionally takes on diabetes difficulties in alternate ways, as well.

Metformin limits muscle constructing however makes quality articulation more young. Another review distributed in Aging has shown that albeit taking metformin while going through opposition preparing limits muscle development, it advances energetic quality articulation.

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