Energy boost for diabetics type 2: Fatigue and depression treatment

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Today we will talk about the causes and the ways to fix your fatigue to diabetes and insulin resistance. I you are looking to find out how to achieve an energy boost for diabetics type 2, you have come to the right place. Also check here which supplements a diabetic can consume.

Fatigue and tiredness of diabetes

Fatigue and tiredness are very common symptoms of type 2 diabetes and can actually result from high blood sugar levels and other diabetic symptoms and even diabetic complications. What are they? Remember, neuropathy like a nerve disease, heart disease and so on. Now, some lifestyle changes in certain herbs can help a person definitely manage their diabetes better. 

Fatigue and tiredness are not the same thing. For example, when a person is tired they usually feel better after resting. However, when a person has persistent fatigue, rest may not relieve those feelings of exhaustion and lethargy!

60% of people with type 2 diabetes report fatigue as a symptom. Actually, fatigue is the second most common symptom among all diabetics. We will uncover the relationship between diabetes and fatigue and we will also provide you some advice on how to manage this horrible symptom of diabetes

Stay tuned! We have some really important and interesting information in the middle, end towards the end. Please be patient and read until the end to understand the whole topic.

Why does diabetes cause fatigue? Energy boost for diabetics

Overworked business lady is having eyes fatigue

To summarize:

  • changes in your blood sugar – the fluctuations 
  • the other symptoms of diabetes weakness in legs, for example
  • complications of diabetes
  • mental and emotional issues resulting from diabetes
  • being overweight

What about blood glucose levels? Cells need insulin to absorb glucose from the blood, but when you have diabetes or insulin resistance your cells need that glucose for energy. Due to lack or resistance to insulin, this does not happen. It’s like you have $1 million in the bank but you can’t even touch it. Painful, isn’t it? 

Diabetes is not any different . Your blood sugar may be three times of the normal levels and yet you feel tired and exhausted all the time. Not only fatigue, high blood sugar is constantly damaging your arteries and nerves causing kidney failure, eye damage to neuropathy, heart disease and so forth. Also make sure you go through a blood glucose testing.

I’ll give you a few tips on how to stop that from happening really soon. another potential reason for fatigue due to diabetes is low blood sugar.  Typically it is a potential side effect of diabetes medications. Like sulfonylureas, which are horrible drugs by the way. Sorry if you’re on glyphoside or glybphoride or even insulin.

Sometimes you have to, but they are not necessarily the best . When your blood sugar is really down because of this medication, your body creates the same stress reaction as if you are fighting with someone in the boxing ring. 

Here’s a quick fact for you

Many people on insulin have low blood sugar, especially after midnight while they’re sleeping and they don’t even know it. They wake up with a feeling like a truck hit them and they don’t even know why they feel that way. 

Some of you are for example using continous glucose monitoring systems such as libe or dexcom. With these you can see that to yourself when you wake up, see how much drops happened in your blood sugars and it may explain why you feel that way. 

In conclusion, if you think your blood sugar may be low during the night or even during the day when you are physically active. Do yourself a favour and check your blood sugar to see what’s happening.  

If you have a glucose monitoring monitoring that’s great ,if not you have to do a fingerstick. If you get up to urinate at night for example remind yourself to check your blood sugar to better understand what’s going on like at 2 o’clock in the morning. 

Symptoms of diabetes:

  • frequency urination that makes it hard to sleep
  • excessive thirst for example, as a sign of dehydration
  • extreme hunger, when you have already eaten
  • unexplained weight loss
  • blurred vision 

Not all of these symptoms are directly linked to feelings of tiredness, but many of them may make you feel unwell as a whole. These unpleasant persistent feelings can have a big impact on both your mental and physical health which can make you tired as well. 

Now similarly neuropathy, for example discomfort in your limbs and hands and feet may make it difficult for a person with diabetes to fall asleep and even stay asleep. Not sure if you have tried a diabetic neuropathy support yet, but if you haven’t tried please do so you will see a difference within a month or two for your neuropathy and if you did try please stay on it to get the maximum and persistent benefit.

Sugar neuropathy support has everything in it to prevent and heal the diabetic neuropathy and it also helps even prevent other complications of diabetes such as eye disease, or kidney disease. 

Although we call it a neuropathy support, it helps for all. Heart disease is another complication of diabetes and heart failure as well unfortunately. It is 4 times  more common among diabetics, compared to nondiabetics. 

Make sure to do everything to prevent this complication because you only have one heart .If your heart is failing and cannot pump blood ,how are you going to not feel fatigue , right? 

Adverse effects of Diabetes Medication

Girl testing diabetes on glucose meter

Let’s talk about the adverse effects of diabetes medication as well. For example, some of the medications can make you really tired. A person with diabetes will need to take corticosteroids such as prednisone to treat inflammation, some pain or discomfort and it can be due to form some other conditions, right?  

However, not only steroids spike your blood sugar and most of you already know that, if you have experienced with it. Your blood sugar will be super uncontrollable, but  steroids will also make you like crap. It’s gonna make you not able to sleep, it’s gonna make you retain ton of water and so forth. 


Now statins is another one is used to reduce your LDL levels, which is bad cholesterol but statins can sometimes come with a cost . That cost can be muscle pains or fatigue. If you are not sure why your fatigue is affected, you may want to hold on to your statins for a few weeks to see if your fatigue completely goes away. If you think so, let your doctor know. 

There are alternative medications that can be tried if you cannot take a statin medication. Nowadays we have other cholesterol medication that are not statin, diuretics for instance.


Some patients use diuretics to treat high blood pressure and that can make people again to urinate a lot, make you get up at night too often and they also sometimes change your sodium-potassium balance which can lead to fatigue. 

For example if you have low potassium in your blood you’ll feel fatigued or even low sodium and  hydrochlorothiazide. In some cases doctors will over treat you and you may end up with a low blood pressure while you’re trying to treat high blood pressure and then this will also cause fatigue. Most diuretics unfortunately also increase your blood sugar. I’m not saying stop your diuretics but I would definitely consult with your doctor and bring up your concerns to see if you still need to be on your diuretic. If you can control your blood pressure with heart medication that will be the best. 

If you’re salt sensitive you can cut down on the salt, you can do more diet and exercise, keep it simple.

Beta Blockers

Another medication that can make you feel tired is beta blockers. 

Again these are used for high blood pressure, sometimes for other heart diseases or even sometimes for anxiety or shakings in your hands and so on.

However, they slow your heart and they can lead to chronic fatigue as well. Beta blockers can also raise your blood sugar as well just like diuretics do and sometimes they prevent you from feeling low blood sugar as well. 

For example, low blood sugar will let you know what is happening by causing heart racing and shaking out on your hands, but the beta blockers will actually block those symptoms and then you will not even realize that you have a low blood sugar, because you are not feeling the symptoms that you’re supposed to fell.

How mental and emotional health living with diabetes affect your fatigue

Diabetics patients are three times more likely to suffer from depression than those who do not. When having diabetes It is really hard to:

  • deal with the blood sugar day in and day out, 
  • keep checking your blood sugar, 
  • blood sugars are fluctuating trying to pay attention to what should eat 

It is a difficult life, so I hope that I’m entertaining you a little bit while teaching you. It is really hard to live with diabetes and people got depressed sometimes. One thing people don’t realize is that you don’t have to necessarily feel super sad or super depressed.

Sometimes fatigue itself is the main symptom of depression and most people don’t even realize that they are depressed. We just think that we are tired all the time. Depression and diabetes type 2 can even cause physical pain, which can be severe. 

Most people don’t like that stigma and they even refuse to talk about it, but it is better to keep an eye on it and to bring it up to your doctor. Anxiety for example, has been shown to be more widespread in those who are aware that they had the disease. 

Diabetes and their other health issues and so forth, definitely brings up anxiety. Anxiety is another cause to fatigue as well. Due to sleep disruption, sadness, anxiety they all induce the heightened sensation of awareness. 

Depression can also have a negative impact on your blood sugar regulation which can also lead to exhaustion in another way.  Actually many of the symptoms of depression are completely directly related to fatigue. Alteration in sleeping habits, getting up too early, not being able to return to sleep can all lead to energy loss and they can be part of depression.

Does being overweight or insulin resistant make you fatigue?

I’m not sure if this regards every overweight individual, but when your fat cells are fully loaded with fat, it creates inflammation in the system which can give you the flu like symptoms all the time. Other reasons for the connection between being overweight and the insulin resistance and fatigue are the lifestyle choices:

  • They may lead to weight gain
  • lack of excercise
  • diet that contains too much processed or junk food

All these even if you are not overweight or diabetic. can still make you feel tired. Yes, you should start moving anything better, but what else is there? Have you ever heard of the berberine? It is actually the ultimate longevity or it can cause some tummy issues in some people. 

Then what is the solution to berberine lovers?

Dihydroberberine! Dihydroberberine is another form of berberine that is five times more absorbable and much less gastrointestinal side effects. Compared to metformin, it’s nothing. When you combine the Hydroberberine with cinnamon you get an insulin resistance fiber.

Other lifestyle changes that can help energy boost for diabetics

What other lifestyle changes can help a person manage both diabetes and symptoms of fatigue. Getting regular exercise like 150 minutes of cardio and some resistance training to keep your muscles in good condition. 

Diets: diabetes fatigue treatment

Ketogenic, keto diet. Salted salmon, grilled halloumi cheese, cherry tomatoes

You should fight diabetes effectively with healthy diets. Eating a health food diet such as Mediterranean diet which in my opinion is the best diet for diabetics to avoid fatigue after eating. It is the only studied diet that actually in the long term has been shown to lower the risk of dying from heart attacks and cancer.

If somebody saying to you there’s no study for any diet, that’s wrong. Mediterranean diet has been studied for a long time and has shown to improve longevity, to cut up on the cancer and diabetes. In this sense it is working like a diabetes fatigue treament.

For example, keto diet has never shown that. Paleo diet has never shown that. The only long-term study died is Mediterranean. I’m not saying that those diets are bad for you. I’m saying that science indicates so far, the Mediterranean diet is the only diet that has been proven to reduce risk of diabetes and cancer. 

Also practicing good sleep hygiene with a regular bedtime, like 7 to 8 hours of sleep, not watching TV till it’s too late, not staying on your phone until midnight. 

For example, unwinding before bed managing and limiting stress. All these things will help reduce fatigue. It is also essential for a person to properly manage their diabetes and any related conditions with the correct herbs and medication, if needed. Achieving this, requires quite a bit of measures including:

  • monitoring your blood sugars regularly
  • following a diet that limits the refined carbohydrates and simple sugars
  • taking all your medication and supplements, unless some of these medication may give you a lot of side effects than you still have to find an alternative. 

If occassionally a person with diabetes might have fatigue due to some acute factor, not due to diabetes. For example, acute illness like urinary tract infection or  gastroenteritis, unrelated stress like your wife or your husband or kid stressing you out, having an anemia which is frequently met. Even arthritis or other chronic conditions that can cause inflammation such as COPD and sleep apnea . 

Bottom line, high or low blood sugars levels, depression, being overweight, certain medication diabetic or non-diabetic and some medical disorders that can also happen along with diabetes and can cause fatigue. These are some common symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

While fatique and awareness might not be easy to control and it may prevent you from doing your regular activities, regulating your blood sugar levels and adjusting your lifestyle with diet, exercise, certain herbs like the hydroberberine will bust your energy and lessen the tiredness and liturgy. 

If you are depressed, please seek help because depression or not excepting the depression is not going to help you recover from fatigue. Depression and diabetes type 2 is a common thing and don’t be afraid to seek help.

energy boost for diabetics
Glucometer for checking sugar level and fresh baked cheesecake. Diabetes and dieting during diabetes
Energy granola bars


What could diabetics at any point take to increment energy?
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Individuals with diabetes can securely drink heaps of things to assist with supporting energy levels, inasmuch as it isn’t excessively high in added or refined sugar.

What can individuals with diabetes drink for energy?
Ice water or warm water.
Hot tea.
Chilled unsweetened tea.
Espresso (hot or cold)

To lessen weakness, it is likewise fundamental for an individual to deal with their diabetes and any connected circumstances appropriately. Accomplishing this requires the accompanying measures: routinely observing glucose levels. following an eating regimen that cutoff points refined starches and straightforward sugars.

At the point when there isn’t sufficient insulin, or the insulin isn’t working really, it implies the sugar in our blood can’t get into our cells and hence our cells don’t get the energy they need. Subsequently, we feel tired.

Individuals who have diabetes frequently have unfortunate rest propensities, including trouble nodding off or staying unconscious. Certain individuals with diabetes get a lot of rest, while others have issues getting sufficient rest.

iabetes can cause kidney and course gives that cause you to feel cold. Without legitimate treatment, diabetes can likewise cause nerve harm that causes you to feel cool, especially in your feet. Type 2 diabetes might include milder side effects than type 1 diabetes.

Energy boost for diabetics type 2: Fatigue and depression treatment