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About Statin Alert

About us

The mission of Statin Alert is the continuous improvement of the quality of care offered to people with metabolic pathology, in accordance with the scientific progress registered in the field.

The main goal being to increase the quality of care for people with metabolic pathology.

We believe in:

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Our targets

We aim to develop health plans and programs that can contribute to monitoring, performance evaluation and self-regulation of prevention and control measures in the field of diabetes and nutritional pathology.

The values that guide us in all our actions are care for people, respect for their needs, the spirit of collaboration and openness to dialogue with all those who can contribute to the fulfilment of the desire to prevent and effectively control measure diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia as risk factors of chronic non-communicable diseases.

We would personally like to thank all the professionals who provide good care for people with diabetes and other metabolic pathologies and all the companies who are permanently concerned about the quality of their products.

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